How to fix Steam disk write error?

If you are facing issues regarding disk write errors in the steam app, here are some easy methods to fix these issues.

disk read error

Method 1 to fix Steam disk write error

Click this little arrow right here and you see the window security or whatever type of device you go, if that is a green checkmark that means it is turned on so to turn that off you want to come here to your settings and then you want to type in virus and then go to virus and threat protection.

Once you get here the virus and threat protection, go to manage settings and turn that off and turn all the other settings off.

Now click on yes.

Other than this you can try to delete steam completely and then re-download it.

The method which works most effectively:

Turn off the virus threat protection

Turn off all other settings

Then come to 

Steam settings > then download > then download region

Then change it to something closer or further away from you.

Method 2 to fix Steam disk write error

Delete the 0 KB: 

 file Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time, then type% Program Files (x86)% and click the OK button. 

 Navigate and double click on Steam> Steam Apps> General

 Scroll down and if you see a file that is 0 KB in size, delete it.

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Method 3 to fix Steam disk write error

If it says time remaining, you will get a right error or something like that, basically, it will stop the download and you have to keep restarting, stopping it and it just keeps giving you the discrete error. So one of the quick ways to fix this is: Go to settings, come down to downloads and then your download region so go to steam settings, download right here, come to download, and then change your download region for example you are in Jacksonville Florida and you are is set to USA Atlanta so you will just change it to somewhere that is closer to you which is Miami.

Now you press OK and it is going to say restart steam, you click yes and it is going to restart steam and try that.

If that does not work, go for the next method.

Method 4 to fix Steam disk write error

Set Steam folder security to full control: 

 Quit Steam completely. On the keyboard, press the Windows logo key and  at the same time R. Then type% Program Files (x86)% 

 And click the OK button. 

 Right-click on Steam and click Properties. 

 Uncheck the box in front of Read-only (only applies to files in the folder). 

 Click the Security tab, then click Edit. 

 Under user or group names: Click on your user account (ENYA – PC in my example) and check the Allow full access check box. 

 Click Apply> OK. 

 Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and enter Steam. Then right-click on Steam and click Run as administrator.

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Method 5 to fix Steam disk write error

Reinstall Steam 

 Step by Step Instructions: 

 1. Exit Steam. 

 2. Go to the Steam program files folder, usually located at C: / Program Files (x86) / Steam. 

 3. Delete everything in the folder except Steam.exe, user data, and Steam applications. 

 4. If you don’t have game save files, local screenshots, or settings like custom library categories or important Steam settings that are important to you, you can optionally delete the user data folder. 

 5. Run Steam.exe 

 6. Wait while Steam downloads and reinstalls the necessary files. 

 That’s it! You are done with your reinstallation. None of your games will be deleted and all your settings will be saved. 

 Note: If you sign up for the beta version of Steam, you will need to log in again after reinstalling Steam. 

 Using this method to reinstall Steam will not delete any of your games or library folders,  any library categories you have set, or delete local saves, game settings, or screenshots. 

 This method of reinstalling Steam is the preferred method when reinstalling Steam for things like troubleshooting or simply updating the Steam installation folder. 

Method 6 to fix Steam disk write error

Delete corrupt files in the registry: 

 Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time, then type% Program Files (x86)% 

 And click the OK button. 

 Navigate and double click on Steam> logs> content_log. 

 Scroll down to the end of the file and see if there was a typo. 

 If so, follow the name and path of the error and delete the corrupted file. 

 If the answer is no, close  Windows in this solution and continue with the next method.

Method 7 to fix Steam disk write error

  1. Click Steam then Settings 
  2. Click Downloads 
  3. Click Steam Library Folder 
  4. Then click Add Library Folder 
  5. Select another drive 
  6. Then click New Folder 
  7. Then right-click in the created library folder and click Create as default folder 
  8. Then go back to the library 
  9. Right-click the game and click Properties 
  10. Click Local Files 
  11. Then click the Move folder from the installation

Method 8 to fix Steam disk write error

Run Flushconfig: 

 Quit Steam completely. On your keyboard, simultaneously press the Windows logo key and R. Then type steam: // flush config and click the OK button. 

 Click OK to confirm the wash. 

 Restart your computer. 

 Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time, then type% ProgramFiles (x86)% and click the OK button. 

 Double click on the Steam folder. Find Steam (or steam.exe) and double-click on it to start Steam.

Method 9 to fix Steam disk write error

  1. Right-click on the Steam shortcut and click on Open file location 
  2. Then right-click on Steam.exe and click on Properties 
  3. Then click on the Compatibility tab 
  4. Check this 
  5. Program as administrator Run 
  6. Then click Apply

Method 10 to fix Steam disk write error

There are basically three steps to follow to make sure that you do not have the error anymore.  The first one is to make sure that you run the steam app in admin so run as an administrator, click yes, now your steam app will open.

The second is to go on the game that is causing you some issues for example if it is an insurgency sandstorm, right-click on it, go to properties, go to a local file and make sure that you verify the integrated game file.

You just need to press on it, it will scan your game, it will make sure that if you have a corrupt file they will replace it if you have some missing file it will download it.

The process really depends, sometimes it can take just one minute or sometimes it can take up to five minutes so just does that and normally you should be fine with your disk right error.

If you still have the issue the third thing that you can do is when you download a game and you install it or even when you verify the game, make sure you disable your antivirus, a lot of people have this issue so you just right click on your antivirus, and disable it for the download and the installation. You can reactivate after that and normally you should be fine.

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Method 11 to fix Steam disk write error

1. Disable or uninstall third-party antivirus 

 2. If you do not have an antivirus installed, do the following 

 3. Open Settings 

 4. Click Update & Security 

 5. Click Windows Security 

 6. Click on Virus and threat protection 

 7. Then click Manage settings 

 8. Disable real-time protection 

 9. Then 

 10. Enter Windows Defender Antivirus in Windows Search 

 11. Click Allow an application or feature through Windows Defender Firewall 

  12. Then click Change settings 

 13. Then click Allow another application 

 14. Click Browse 

 15. Find your local hard drive (C 🙂 Program Files (x86) SteamSteamappsCommon 

 16. Select the game folder 

 17. Then open the bin folder 

 18. Click on the game and click Open 

 19. Then click Add

Method 12 to fix Steam disk write error

  1. Open Task Manager 
  2. End Task All Steam 
  3. Find Local Hard Drive (C 🙂 Program Files (x86) SteamSteamappsCommon 
  4. Select Game Folder Right Click and Delete 
  5. Then Open Steam 
  6. Right Click  Game and Do Click on Properties 
  7. Then click on Local Files 
  8. Click Then browse for files 
  9. It  is being updated

Method 13 to fix Steam disk write error

  1. Check the integrity of game files: 
  2. On Steam, go to LIBRARY. Right-click on the game that is experiencing the Steam Disk Write error and clicks Properties. 
  4. Wait for the game cache to be checked. Close the windows in the steam and get out of the steam.


This issue did not show in the windows security but these shows with some free antivirus or even paid antivirus, so it is causing the issue if the antivirus is deleting some random file when you are installing a game because it thinks like it is a virus.

Sometimes anti-cheat also is causing issues with antivirus. If you still have the issue after the verified game cache and the run as an admin the steam, it is probably because you have an anti-virus.

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