20 Best No Internet Games You Should Play

How do you like to chill out if you have no internet connection, but sometimes you go to chill but there is no internet so here is a list of games that do not even need internet access, these are 15 offline games for android and IOS. Most of these are pretty exciting and really amazing if you want to pass some free time, the biggest perk is that they don’t even require internet, so if you are in a location where internet connection is poor or there is a situation where you can not access internet for days, these games will help you to pass the time.

1. World of Demons 

 This is a new sword hack and slashes action game available on all Apple devices with an Apple Arcade subscription. The concept of the game is based on the ancient story of supernatural monsters and ghosts, samurai vs. youkai, from Japanese folklore. The player chases a young warrior who tries to kill Doji, the demon king Sada, who is trying to corrupt the youkai and take over Japan. When you play and defeat youkai, you can release them and use them as battle minions. 

 This game has intuitive touch controls and complex combos, which is not interesting for new fans and experienced players.

2. Marble Clash 

 Marble Clash is a challenging action game where you control a robot with various weapons. The main purpose is to collect the most coins by the final round. Other players trying to steal your coins are also on the battlefield, so you have to fight them, destroy them and take their coins instead. This game is a kind of battle royale game that reduces the size of the map to 1/4 after each round, so you have to keep fighting other players until you win the whole game. It’s a great game with great graphics and you should definitely give it a try.

3. Slash of Sword 2 

 Slash of Sword 2 is a role-playing game set in the Middle Ages with a very interesting story. The story begins from the moment you become the protagonist, basically, and from the moment you are accused of a crime by mistake. As a punishment, you have to fight various enemies in the arena. This game, like most free games, features updated graphics, new levels, and new storylines, as you would expect from a sequel. It’s difficult to earn with in-game currency, so it slows down. It provides a fun RPG-based sword fight, but balancing is a bit frustrating.

4. Robbery Madness 

 Robbery Madness is a first-person shooter robbery and theft simulator game that focuses on action and stealth using RPG elements. The game has a lot of comedy and great cartoon graphics. You act as an amateur robber. If you only care about how it looks, you won’t like this character. He’s an old, weird-looking guy, starting his new career as a thief. The overall goal is to create a fun game with eye-catching graphics and the animations are colorful and smooth.

5. Glow Cores 

 Glow Cores is an interesting and entertaining arcade game where you control a glowing ball that runs over a long track, your primary objective is avoiding obstacles but you will also collect coins upgrades and powerups to help you out along the way. The game features a single-player mode with over 36 beautifully satisfying levels. They are fast-paced varied in theme and well balanced with tons of obstacles. The graphics are lovely far better than other ball arcade games. Simple and smooth gameplay with added features makes it difficult to find actual bugs in the game.

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6. Bionics 

 Bionics is a simulation game similar to other games such as agar.io and slither.io that aims to eat other players and raise creatures. In bioengineering, when you try to attack and defeat other creatures, you play as a unique microbial or virus-like creature that you collect with your fingers to grow cells. Each creature has its own skills that you can use during combat. You can also eat cells and collect  DNA for evolution. This makes the creature bigger and stronger. Overall, it’s a great game with very cute graphics.

7. Angry Dad 

 Angry Dad is a simulation game that plays the role of dad. In the game, I just want to watch the soccer game quietly, but I can’t watch the soccer game because I have a lot of housework and phone calls, and the stress level is high, so my goal is to maintain the stress bar. Because it will be full. To do that, you have to work a little and then look a little. The graphics are very beautiful, vibrant, and colorful. If you are a fan of fun arcade games and are still looking for new games, you should definitely give Angry Dad a try, it might be for you.

8. Grandpa and Grandma III Death Hospital 

 You got into a terrible story and noticed that you were in the hospital bed. The same is true for psychiatric clinics. All exits and entrances are blocked and there is no escape. Escape from your grandparents. The main task is to act as soon as possible until found in the hide-and-seek game, try to solve many difficult puzzles, skillfully and quietly move through the territory, and collect useful items without doubting others. Is to find out.

9. Disease of Hazard 

 The disease of Hazard is an action game based on the popular zombie apocalypse and is not the first on the list today. As a player, you control the protagonist who must pass through the virus-infected city to save her daughter and take her to a safe place. To do this, you have to go through a huge amount of The Walking Dead. To reach your main goal, you will need to get many different weapons and equipment that you will encounter along the way, overall it has a great story.

10. Death Invading City Survival 

 Have you ever imagined or dreamed of being in a terrifying world of zombie pandemics? Is survival in the invading city of death about the same as the world you would imagine? Where you live in a city full of death. Immerse yourself in a 3D world full of non-stop action and death aggression. The goal here is nothing more than roaming each of the continuous landscapes of hell in search of green control points. In this way,  by attacking zombies, you support rescue operations and help those in the siege. If you’re looking for a good game with lots of hectic shooting action, Death Invasion City Survival is definitely for you. Walk through each city, explore, go to safe places, kick doors and destroy the undead.

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11. Paper Flight 

 Paper Flight is a paper plane flight game that will keep you captivated for hours. Use a variety of skills and weapons to get your enemies involved in fighting dogs and defeat them. The game also features different types of levels and up to 6 beautiful color themes on different world maps to fight other NPC players. You can also fly as far as you can to explore the various hidden areas of the map. What’s more, there are many other types of aircraft that can be unlocked as the game progresses, with good graphics overall and pretty good control.

12. Project Drift 2.0 

 This is a new offline drift simulator for Android with various cool cars and a wide-open world map. In Project Drift 2.0, you always have to drift to earn points and multiply in a single open-world map. The game features high-quality graphics and realistic driving physics. It is under development and will have more features as an exciting multiplayer mode in the future.

13. Jelly Drift 

 Jelly Drift is a single-player racing game with two different game modes. One is a mode to play against a simple AI, and the other is to play against the created time lap, so basically you will play against yourself. Eight cars and four maps are available, all inspired by the first drift of the anime. The downside of the game is that the AI ​​car doesn’t drift and maintains its dynamics very well, so it’s very difficult to beat. To defeat them, the player needs to be very good at knocking them out of the map or finding some shortcuts.

14. Into the Darkness 

 Into the Darkness is a horror puzzle game in a haunted castle looking for a kidnapped son. In the magical world, you need to find ways to uncover secrets and avoid terrifying ghosts. The game is full of jump scare and an eerie horror atmosphere, so be careful when looking for different items to solve the puzzles. Overall, it’s a good game to play with others who can laugh at you when you scream.

15. One Escape

 This is the latest version of Crescent Moon, a fun stealth game about avoiding cops when you escape from prison. Since it’s a more or less stealth 2D platformer, it has a lot of action and a pretty good level design, so some stages are pretty challenging. All of this will be a fun experience while sneaking out of jail. Therefore, this title is easy to recommend.


16. Castle Doombad: Free to slay 

This recent addition to the iOS’s collection of free games is a reverse tower defense game from the Adult swim. In the quest to kidnap the princess, you Dr. Lord Evilstein, have unwittingly invited a herd of knights, archers, and heroes into your evil lair. Shoo them off your property in 45 maniacal levels. Send out your minions, or stack and combine your traps to keep those heroes at bay, and the princess firmly yours. It has a PlayScore of 8.73.

17. Land Sliders


Do you feel the need? The need for collecting? Then slide across this infinite land filled with your chosen character’s favorite things. Be a panda and collect bamboo shoots or a tornado with a hunger for homes. Earn enough coins so you can buy new characters with their own unique cravings. Collect all the items and complete quests and you will be literally transported to a whole new level. Each world will be littered with various obstacles and deadly foes so slide with caution! It has a play score of 8.73.

18. Bardbarian

Growing bored of fancy swordplay, Brad the barbarian sets out to defeat monsters, invaders with the power of music. Use Brad’s axe guitar to summon allies into battle and inspire them with buffs and spells. Take from the decaying corpses of your fallen enemies to unlock upgrades for Brad, the town, and his friends. So metal!

With its hand-drawn art and hybrid gameplay, Bardbarian makes for a great tower defense with a fun blend of RPG. It has a PlayScore of 8.75.

19. Capitals: Free word battle

Unlock your inner Shakespeare in this turn-based multiplayer word game. Unlike other word games, you are going to need a good strategy to win. Form words on the game’s hexagonal grid to cover a larger area and expand your territory. Getting the proverbial checkmate can be done by capturing your opponent’s primary tile. It is a cute, fun, and simple game to play with your friends But you should have probably better words than that. It has a PlayScore of 8.75.

20. Tennis Champs Returns

A rebirth of the Amiga classic. Returns to the days of old with a Tennis Game that was a major success 20 years ago. Now the graphics feel livelier and the physics more enhanced, but it has not lost its retro feel. It makes the entire experience new, yet classic at the same time.  Exclusive to the iOS, experience its career mode with up to 200 missions and be the best Tennis player out there. It can let you exchange power shots with other players online. It has a PlayScore of 8.78.

That’s it for the top 20 offline games. You can enjoy these games without having to access the internet. Most games are free and most games use less storage space. So you can get bored with these amazing games. Some of the games will really take you to your childhood while some will make you bite your nails as they are that exciting.  Hope you enjoy all these amazing games even without the internet.

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