3 Best Idle Tycoon Games on Android

Ever since mobile gaming became more accessible, idle games have been a popular
choice for many. Games like Adventure Capitalist and Cookie Clicker have spawned
countless spin-offs, and it’s easy to see why: from simple mechanics to clear
progression, idle games offer a great experience to anyone who wants to
game successfully but doesn’t want to put too much time and effort into it.
There are many idle games out there, and it’s been a top-performing category in the
Arcade genre of most app stores. For the unfamiliar: idle games are “incremental”
games where players start with virtually nothing and slowly accumulate points or
currency. Players will usually earn these automatically as time passes, but clicking a
button will help them earn faster. These points or currency can then be used to
purchase something that will make it easier to earn more currency. Over time, players
will get to a point where the game essentially plays itself, and all the player needs to
do is reap the rewards.
Most of these games operate on a “tycoon” genre, where the objective is to become
the successful owner of a certain enterprise. Many of these games offer some good
concepts and unique takes on everyday experiences, undeniably standing out from the
rest. Here are three of the best idle tycoon games on Android:

Medieval: Idle Tycoon

A few years ago, Reddit user u/bearvanilla asked: “Are there any games like
Adventure Capitalist but a fantasy RPG?” Nothing quite fit the bill – especially on
mobile – but Medieval: Idle Tycoon has changed that.
Fantasy settings have been a staple of gaming since its humble beginnings in tabletop
RPGs. However, gamers are used to playing as heroes saving fantasy worlds.
In Medieval: Idle Tycoon, you’re not an adventurer, but the ruler of a kingdom. You
start with a humble little village and start investing in building improvements for your
castle, the market, and an inn to slowly start making more money. Medieval: Idle

Tycoon also lets you hire advisors, who will serve as your kingdom’s heroes and help
you earn even more money. And, of course, there are quests to be completed too.
One great feature that Medieval: Idle Tycoon has, which is starkly missing in most
other games of this genre, is the addition of small things that make you interact with
your environment. Most idle games become incredibly monotonous after some time,
and you’re left doing little more than tapping a button at some point. In Medieval:
Idle Tycoon, your villagers will be milling about your kingdom, going about their
daily lives, and will occasionally need some help from their monarch. Helping your
villagers out will earn you a bit more money too!

Idle Casino Manager

While tycoon games try to give an approximation of what running the business in question will be like, very few are actually able to accomplish this. However, Idle Casino Manager gives some insight into the operations of major casinos. Many casual casino-goers assume that there’s little else to do in a casino besides playing the usual games like roulette or slot machines, but there is a huge variety to these games as well. As seen by looking at the slots offered by Gala Spins, themed games like Golden Glyph 2, Fishin’ Frenzy, and Gates of Olympus make use of the traditional slots formulas to give new experiences to players. This is something you’ll want to do in your casino on Idle Casino Manager: although you can’t quite choose what kind of games you want to incorporate into your casino, expanding your selection keeps your customers happy and brings about increased revenues.

Other things you can do as your casino expands are: hire more people and expand your parking lot. You can launch marketing campaigns, improve your bar, and expand your casino. You can also buy other locations to increase your chain. All of these are presented as investments that could make or break your casino – and all the decisions will be left to you. Idle Casino Manager markets itself as an easy-to-play idle game that “takes all of your strategic decision into account”, and it’s a good choice for anyone looking for a bit more in their next idle tycoon game.

Punch Club

Punch Club is a bit different from other idle tycoon games – you don’t exactly run a
business that needs to be expanded in this game. Instead, you manage a fighter,
investing in talents to climb up the rankings and solve the thrilling mystery of who
killed your father. It also reflects some of the most important “stats” in combat sports,
explaining that it’s not all about power. Fighters in Punch Club develop their
strength, accuracy, and agility depending on the fighting style they take on.
Punch Club takes a different approach to resource management as well, as in this
game, you’re put in charge of a fighter and must spend your time wisely between
“juggling friendships, love life, work, recreational time, relationships, and possible
stardom, all alongside your gym time and fighting alligators.” As the game says, “It’s
not all just pumping iron, you know.” It gives some great insight into what it’s like to
be a professional fighter, albeit taking a more dramatic approach to it.

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