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These are testimonials collected from people who have used MyReviewPlugin. If you would like to contribute a testimonial to this page, include your name (as you want it shown), the testimonial and a URL that you are using MyReviewPlugin on. If you want a link to your site included after your name, just mention that. Send all this information to support@myreviewplugin.com.

"I think this may be one of like 3 testimonials that I've ever left for a product cuz I guess I'm pretty hard to please. MyRP is simply awesome and I've shied away from other review type platforms simply because Mark's support is the best I've ever seen. He truly does care about his product and has helped me with tons of (perhaps noobish) questions. Not to mention it being an incredible plugin with great bonus plugins that are included. I actually had to suggest my testimonial to Mark because I felt like I needed to give something back for all the great help I've received. Great stuff, you won't be let down!"Mike B. - Brooklyn, NY (July 7th, 2012)

"I've tried a number of review plugins, and MyReviewPlugin is the best. The feature set surpasses the alternatives, such as WPReviewEngine and WPReviewSite. The setup is easy, and doesn't require any coding or technical knowledge. However, what really sets MyReviewPlugin apart from the competition is the support. I sent numerous support requests to Mark, and they were all answered promptly and extremely thoroughly. If you're looking for a WordPress review plugin, then look no further. This is the clear winner."Andrew - WordPressReviewPlugin.org (July 3rd, 2012)

"I have never written a testimonial in my life before, but I felt compelled to write something to recommend MyReviewPlugin and especially the support. The demands for my site were complex, much more so than a simple review site, and I was worried that no plugin could fill my needs. But MyReviewPlugin could do exactly what I wanted, unlike any of the other plugins, and it was easily customizable. All my questions were answered within 24 hours (I'm on the other side of the world), always with the offer to write any necessary code for me! I couldn't believe it! When I ran into problems with my site speed, Mark simply asked for a login, took control and fixed it. It's this focus on quality which guarantees he will never be out of clients."Steven Hermans - Caravanistan (July 2nd, 2012)

"In all my life I have never written a second testimonial for a product, but in this case I felt compelled. Apart from MyReviewPlugin just being a remarkable review plugin of truly great value, the customer support is nothing short of ASTOUNDING. Mark is by FAR the most helpful and considerate person I have ever come across in this business. Always responds virtually immediately to queries and provides genuine and practical solutions to problems. I cannot recommend this product enough. You simply will not get better value for money anywhere else."Charlie, South Africa.

"Like most things software related, the quality of technical support sets the professionals apart from the bedroom developers. Having regrettably purchased 2 review WordPress plugins prior to finding MyReviewPlugin, MyReviewPlugin quickly proved its self as a professional product with rich, sturdy functionality coupled with polite, reliable and thorough technical support. Five out of five ☺"Gareth Nunn, Owner - ventureIntro.com

"Your customer support is extraordinary."Liz

"We're WordPress design, development and search engine optimization experts and know the importance of partnering with companies that can provide us with exceptional products and services that will complement our experience and help fuel our company's success.

When we set out to find the best Wordpress review engine — we researched for weeks — inquiring with many providers — reading reviews, testing products and more. After an exhaustive search, we made a decision to invest in MyReviewPlugin.com and I can tell you we're very pleased we did.

The support we received from Mark from the very beginning through the purchase, the installation and the post support was exceptional to say the least.

Mark was very friendly, informative, patient and so very helpful.

He even installed and configured our first installation for free - going beyond the norm. We've dealt with dozens of plugin developers and by far Mark takes 1st place in being a true professional.

Not only does he have the best WordPress review plugin on the market bar none - but the quality of service and support he provides is a role model for anyone to follow.

We're happy, our customers are happy and we're confident we'll be supporting Mark and vice versa for a long time to come.

Keep up the excellent work Mark. Your true integrity is the foundation of your success. Well done."
Carlos, Owner of C5 - www.studioc5.com

"When I was trying to find a review plugin for Wordpress, numerous products showed up. Most of the sites that reviewed the different plugins were also selling that plug-in through affiliate links, so all of the reviews were biased. In addition, one of the features of the plug-ins was the auto-creation of reviews, so I was even more nervous.

MyReviewPlugin, had the most favorable testimonials and the technical support on the site was responsive and helpful. Since it had an awesome 45 day money back guarantee, I decided to try it. I simply could not be more pleased.

I needed a way for people to share their ratings on where to live, and MyReviewPlugin gave me exactly the tools I needed to make my site work. As a novice web builder, sometimes I had difficulty coding exactly what I envisioned. In those cases, the creator of MyReviewPlugin, Mark, was most helpful. He responded to everyone of my support emails in less than 24 hours and worked with me every step of the way until my problem was fixed.

It is obvious that Mark believes in his product and believes in the value of great customer service.

If you are unsure about which plug-in to purchase, wonder no more. I must stress how incredibly satisfied I have been with my decision to purchase MyReviewPlugin.

You will not find another plug-in with this level of functionality or support. Install it now, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."
Laura, http://www.militarywom.com/

"Let me shout it at you — SERVICE AFTER THE SALE! Not only is MyReviewPlugin a phenomenal product, the support staff has repeatedly been amazing. They have consistently offered unparalleled service to solve our issues. While developing our annuity reviews site - www.bestannuityreviews.com - it became obvious that using the MyReviewPlugin would save us hours of time and hundreds of dollars in custom programming. However, as non-programmers we always feared it would be too complicated to achieve, even with the plugin! The MyReviewPlugin support team has twice resolved our issues in a timely fashion even as late as a year after our purchase! This is one product I would fully endorse without hesitation!"Eric J., BestAnnuityReviews.com

"Apart from My Review Plugin just being a phenomenal plugin and by far the best review plugin out there, it is backed by an extremely professional organisation. The after sale support is amazing. The responses are fast, comprehensive and helpful. Trey and Mark seem to really care about the success of their customers, which is more than I can say for most PHP developers I've come across. Thanks!"Charlie

"I must admit that I was at first hesitant to purchase MyReviewPlugin, figuring I might as well just use one of the many free and seemingly similar other review plugins out there. After trying out several other plugins, I was repeatedly frustrated with the lack of features and the complicated process of implementing them on our site. After purchasing MyReviewPlugin I was instantly extremely impressed, and regretted all the time I wasted trying to get all the other plugins to work properly. MyReviewPlugin was easy to set up and integrate, and its many great features has made it a great addition to our site. The support I received from Mark was also outstanding, as he helped customize the plugin to fit our needs. Mark clearly cares about his product and customers. MyReviewPlugin is the best Wordpress review plugin on the market, and is worth every penny and more."Dustin, Themespotter.com

"After comparing many different rating packages for WordPress, I decided on MyReviewPlugin because it seemed to have far more features than any of the others. I was also intrigued by the availability of documentation, tutorials and 24/7 customer support.

Having a specialized website where ratings are central to its ability to function this was very appealing. There are plugins which are free and are fine in some situations, but I have found that you are usually at the mercy of the developer in getting feedback and action when there are problems.

I must say that I was not disappointed with MyReviewPlugin. Even though there are an amazing number of features and customizations, I found that I had a need specific to my website which I needed help in resolving. I contacted support and was amazed at the quick response and amazing follow-up in resolving my problem.

In order to make sure that I was able to use the application for my specific needs, Mark wrote additional code to get me up and running as quickly as possible. It's rare to find a quick, personal response anywhere these days, but when I find it I'm a customer for life. I don't make many recommendations or testimonials, but for this I will go out on a limb to say that you won't be disappointed in MyReviewPlugin. I have every confidence that they will be there to stand behind their product."
Mike McKnight, Gilbert, AZ

"After checking out many WordPress review plugins I eventually decided to go with MyReviewPlugin because of all of the features. Well, it blew me away when I saw it had so many more features and customizations than I could have ever imagined. I can see it working for just about anyone's website. The customer support I've received was spectacular. That alone is a good enough reason to purchase.

Thank you Mark, and keep up the great work!"

"After reading several reviews we already knew this plugin must be good. But we were missing one feature we need in order to build our site. After making a comment about this to Mark, the man behind the program, he actually liked the idea so much that he offered to adjust the script in such a way that our only objection was gone within 24 hours. We already were impressed by the plugin, but now we know that the backend of this product is even better!"Jack

"As a new customer to MyReviewPlugin I found the product and it's functions to be superb. It was extremely easy to setup the site and get everything started. I was amazed at the ability to get everything going so quickly! The site looks professional and the features of MyReviewPlugin have helped me to add functionality which will attract more visitors.
When I had questions, the team at MyReviewPlugin got back to me quickly and provided me with amazing support.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone seeking to setup a review website - on any subject!"

"I've just gotten started with the MyReviewPlugin, putting it through its paces, and I have to say I'm very impressed. First of all, the documentation is outstanding - really, like no other plugin docs I've seen. There's a comprehensive PDF, written very clearly and completely, there are live demos, there are video tutorials, and there are instructions embedded in the dashboard as well. Furthermore, support is outstanding. I sent an email to support containing 5 separate issues I needed help with. I provided admin username and passwords (which I highly recommend everyone does), and within 4 hours, I received a point-by-point explanation of the resolution of each issue, and Mark actually made the changed to my blog for me, and explained how to do it.

I've purchased several other products, some in excess of $1000, and they provided nowhere near the immediate and complete support I've received from MyReviewPlugin. In short - a solid product, with excellent documentation, and the best support I've experienced in years."

"As someone just starting out with Internet Marketing, I was extremely lucky to come across MyReviewPlugin. It's really simple to use and for someone who doesn't know a thing about building websites - like me! - it made the whole process 10x easier.

However, even better than the plugin itself, is the support which comes with it. Mark has been FANTASTIC. No question is ever too small or too trivial. Emails are replied too in at least 24 hours and often within 1/2 hours. The man has the patience of zen monk particularly when dealing with some of the intricate customization I requested. Most people promise great support and then fail to deliver. Mark is the real deal. He is a true gift to someone just starting out and he has played a significant role in my IM success so far.

A big thanks winging your way Mark!"

"I've had the opportunity to use the MyReviewPlugin software for my blog and I can say that the software is ingenious and adds enormously to my site. The software is well designed and additionally the technical support is outstanding ++. This company provides some of the best technical support I have ever seen on the internet."Alan W., Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Thinking of buying MyReviewPlugin? Here's what you need to know: I have tried 10 different review plugins and MyReviewPlugin is simply the best one I could find. Backed with this product is Mark's 100% commitment and dedication to his customer's satisfaction. Mark is simply an amazing person to work with. He is very professional, responsive and gets things done. His support has been a tremendous help in integrating my website with MyReviewPlugin. In conclusion, you will be getting the best product with the best support, something that is very rare to come by nowadays. MyReviewPlugin? Highly recommended."Andrew Suryono, Photography Lens Reviewer

"First off, I knew I was getting a good product with great service because I did research and compared the top three review plugins. However, you have well exceeded any expectations that I had. Your service is above and beyond anything that I have recieved for any product -- ever."Jeremy G.

"I cannot believe how much misinformation there is out there. MyReviewPlugin is the best and I've used them all. Anyone telling you anything else is lying or has a monetary interest in it."Anonymous by Request, Affiliate Marketer.

"Mark's site doesn't make this clear enough -- his support is outstanding. He set up my first website entirely for me how I wanted it, and then wrote me a little step-by-step guide (personalized!) with what he did to get there, so I learned quicker. I love this. I love great support."Evan D.

"Thanks Mark! Thank yooooou. MyReviewPlugin is making me cash - lots of it. [...] I'm so appreciative for the help you've given me along the way, and the way MyRP makes everything so easy. Time to scale waay up.Tammy K., Beginning Affiliate Marketer.

"I have to say MyReviewPlugin is the best paid plugin experience ever!"David B., Web Developer

"I've tested WP ReviewEngine and have found MyReviewPlugin to be the obvious leader in the WordPress review site market. Its ease of use, effectiveness, and superb customer support is unmatched. Rely on MyReviewPlugin to eliminate tedious tasks and focus more time on what's important to affiliate marketers: making money."Brandon S., Affiliate Marketer

"I figure MyReviewPlugin earned its cost in commissions in about 4 days."Anonymous

"[MyReviewPlugin] is the best WordPress tool I've seen in a long time."Tom

"I recommend MyReviewPlugin nto all my affiliate friends, so yeah testimonial this!"Matthew S., Affiliate Marketer

"I just finished testing this and I have to say I think it is way better than both WP ReviewEngine and WFReview. The amount of features and options surpass both and the integration part is downright awesome."Mike J., Internet Marketer (SEO)

"While I'm pretty much a beginner to this whole Internet marketing thing, I wanted to let you know: MyReviewPlugin is seriously simplifying my life."David

"This plugin is the s**t."Andy, Affiliate Marketer

"Its fast and easy, builds good looking websites quickly and generally kicks ass."Lukas V., Affiliate Marketer

"MyReviewPlugin increased our site-to-finish speed by 450 per cent."Joshua, Affiliate Marketer

"I like MyReviewPlugin, it has been very useful."Liang Z., Freelance Web Developer

"With My Review Plugin, even if you lack all the technical skills, you can create beautiful product reviews from your Wordpress blog within minutes."Jens B., Affiliate Marketer.

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Easiest to Use

Its simple. MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface. For programmers, MyRP is complete with a fully featured API and theme functions.

MyReviewPlugin also includes step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials and one-on-one personal assistance to help you build the best site you are capable of.

45-day Money Back Guarantee

The longest, most complete money back guarantee in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied with MyReviewPlugin, just toss us an e-mail within 45-days of purchase. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Lifetime Updates

MyReviewPlugin is kept up to date, compatible with new versions of WordPress, etc. You can update to the latest version free of charge at any time.

Fully Unencrypted Source Code

If you have any experience with web scripts, you’ll appreciate this one. There isn’t a line of code in MyReviewPlugin that you can’t edit. There’s no IonCube encoding, no obfuscation, it's all there, it's all documented, it is all yours. Find out why this is important.