What makes MyReviewPlugin special?

What makes MyReviewPlugin special?

MyReviewPlugin stands out among its competitors. When users compare MyReviewPlugin with other WordPress review plugins they almost exclusively find that MyReviewPlugin is the best. The reason for this is what makes MyReviewPlugin special.

MyReviewPlugin is updated regularly, fully supported (and that's true as of June 2018!), compatible with the latest versions of WordPress (and always will be!) — we have no intent to ever drop support for this popular product. Can the other guys say that?

We develop for you to use. We develop to make you money. We don't develop to "match the competition:" we lead.

We develop MyReviewPlugin specifically to be the best. It isn't about how much effort development takes. It isn't about how much it will change sales. It's about being the best. We're more concerned with satisfying those actually using MyReviewPlugin than we are in finding new users.

That's just a philosophical difference. Stemming from that is the range of real differences:

More themes. More customizability. MyReviewPlugin includes a set of highly customizable themes by default, it includes dozens of star images, "visit site" images and comparison table image sets designed to allow you to easily select from a list what you want your site to look like. It's that simple, but that's not it. More importantly is how we allow you to customize your integration: where the other plugins require you to use a small set of their "approved" locations, with MyReviewPlugin we have all but eliminated those restrictions. You can implement locations from right within the administration area or you can have your programmer embed things anywhere — other scripts claim this, we deliver.

Importing with power. The lead competitor's both have "CSV importers." MyReviewPlugin has an Import Man. Import Man will make you more money. Import Man is much more powerful than the existing CSV importers offering the ability to import from other sources (Google, RSS feeds, YP), the ability to import hundreds of thousands of records in one sweep without choking, and the ability to process your data to clean up any little issues. MyReviewPlugin's Import Man is so good that anyone can use it, and for once, anyone can make money with it: easily. Plus, you can import ratings from CSV files: this is just one of the hundreds of little things that other products have needed for months, and MyReviewPlugin provides today.

Solid comment generation. The other scripts have nothing to this extent. MyReviewPlugin's Comment Man builds comments that look like they're from genuinely real people. You can fill a new site with reviews (including star ratings) with some simple JetSpinner syntax, the included decade-weighted names lists and Comment Man.

Powerful Comparison Table Integration. Implement comparison tables in the traditional style, create checkbox-based tables or display vertical tables on any page, set of pages or template. Users can quickly compare your offerings or the products which you have reviewed.

MyReviewPlugin can generate very advanced vertical comparison tables completely optimized for affiliate marketing and closing sales. All 100% included in every license.

All The Small Things... More themes, more customizability, more compatibility, more simplification. You see this in the addition of hundreds of little features like automatic thumbshots, big Google Maps (with all your businesses on them), data tables, vertical comparison tables, drag-and-drop automatic embeds, in-WordPress customizations, and CSS settings that allow you to integrate with any theme with no programming experience. It is all stuff we have, that no one else does.

More support. Guaranteed. Direct contact with the lead developer means you get your questions answered: now. The other scripts have great support, most of the time. MyReviewPlugin has great support all the time: we guarantee it with our best-ever 45 day money back guarantee. Furthermore, if you find any problems, they will be fixed within 48 hours. Period.

It's not just us. Everyone thinks they have the best product. This page is based on the feedback we've received from other people: MyReviewPlugin is the best product. Reviews all over the web agree: MyReviewPlugin is simply better, cheaper, and will make you more money than the competition.

Secure your copy of MyReviewPlugin right now. MyReviewPlugin also comes with an easy one-click installation, our no hassle 45-day money back guarantee, complete, detailed and easy-to-understand documentation and our complementary lifetime technical support.

Easiest to Use

Its simple. MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface. For programmers, MyRP is complete with a fully featured API and theme functions.

MyReviewPlugin also includes step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials and one-on-one personal assistance to help you build the best site you are capable of.

45-day Money Back Guarantee

The longest, most complete money back guarantee in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied with MyReviewPlugin, just toss us an e-mail within 45-days of purchase. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Lifetime Updates

MyReviewPlugin is kept up to date, compatible with new versions of WordPress, etc. You can update to the latest version free of charge at any time.

Fully Unencrypted Source Code

If you have any experience with web scripts, you’ll appreciate this one. There isn’t a line of code in MyReviewPlugin that you can’t edit. There’s no IonCube encoding, no obfuscation, it's all there, it's all documented, it is all yours. Find out why this is important.