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Autoembeds and Integration

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Manage Rating Categories

Comparison Table Configuration

Configure Any Element of Your Review Site

Autoinstall Extras

Localatron Theme

Hostatron Theme

Smooth Theme

Smileth Theme

Orange Theme

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The Comment Man (bonus)

The Comment Man automatically generates thousands of unique, real-looking comments and reviews for the existing posts within your site. Complete with a database of thousands of unique names, and a range of configuration settings to make your comments look more genuine. The Comment Man is included free of charge with your copy of MyReviewPlugin.

The Import Man (bonus)

Import Man imports database content according to templates you define. It allows you to specify categories, subcategories, trickle imports, and JetSpinner-style content (where you can specify ad-libs to generate unique content) all from a database. Users have built sites with 50,000 or more pages of content with Import Man. Import Man comes with MyReviewPlugin.

The Link Doctor (bonus)

Link Doctor is a simple link management tool for WordPress. It allows you to hyperlink keywords within your site (including full compatibility with Import Man!), and generate "masked" professional style links. Dr. Link is included with every license of MyReviewPlugin.

Easiest to Use

Its simple. MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface. For programmers, MyRP is complete with a fully featured API and theme functions.

MyReviewPlugin also includes step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials and one-on-one personal assistance to help you build the best site you are capable of.

45-day Money Back Guarantee

The longest, most complete money back guarantee in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied with MyReviewPlugin, just toss us an e-mail within 45-days of purchase. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Lifetime Updates

MyReviewPlugin is kept up to date, compatible with new versions of WordPress, etc. You can update to the latest version free of charge at any time.

Fully Unencrypted Source Code

If you have any experience with web scripts, you’ll appreciate this one. There isn’t a line of code in MyReviewPlugin that you can’t edit. There’s no IonCube encoding, no obfuscation, it's all there, it's all documented, it is all yours. Find out why this is important.