"Take a database, make a new website."

Import Man

The Import Man is a bonus plugin included with every MyReviewPlugin license. The primary features list is available online.

The Import Man - Generate Full Websites, Fast

In seconds, flood-fill a website with content from a database. Build business directories, product review sites, etc. instantly with the powerful and extensive import, build product directories right from databases, or build any flavor of website from the range of cheaply available databases on the market. Easy to use, even for beginners. Take a database, make a new website.

Build Huge Database-Driven Sites

Import massive databases to easily and in just a handful of clicks create complete database-driven, SEO friendly WordPress sites. Import data in any format, field, etc., and integrate easily with ratings, comments and WordPress's very own SEO features.

Become an SEO Ninja

Really there's nothing to it. Set up websites with hundreds, even thousands of pages of content and you'll find you have the search engine empire to powerhouse links towards your money sites. Better yet, use the affiliate link functionality of MyReviewPlugin to make these database sites your profitable sites.

Massive High-Quality Review Sites

There's hundreds of free/cheap databases available, all of which are easily compatible with MyReviewPlugin and the Import Man. Product databases, people, places, the whole shebang.

Local Directories

Local SEO is where it is at. Using the included YP importers create niche directories for your local area. Getting traffic to these is easy and turning them a profit can be done in dozens of ways: Import Man comes with one-on-one tutoring from Mark Edwards to help get your local directory site online and making money. Just send an e-mail to support@myreviewplugin.com to get started!

JetSpinner Syntax

Spin the content field with JetSpinner/adlib {syntax|code}. Generate some of the most believable, realistic content-based websites with basically no effort.

Categories, Dates, Tags and More

Have a database that has the category field: single categories per row, multiple categories per row, or even subcategories? Easily and completely automatically create the categories within WordPress. Same deal with specifying dates (or specify them randomly), tags and custom fields.

Trickle Imports

Increase the size of your website consistently and with just one-click long in to the future. This is an excellent SEO strategy that allows you to consistently add content to your website without any intervention.

  • Import from comma separated values files. (.csv)
  • Import from hundreds of thousands of records directly.
  • Import ratings from databases such as CSV.
  • Set expiry date for posts.
  • Successfully import address records of 100,000+ records with our sophisticated import system.
  • Convert any database, spreadsheet, etc. to CSV.
  • Specify a detailed post template from the database fields.
  • Save and reuse common templates.
  • Specify post category in any way you wish — defined, from a field in the CSV, etc.
  • Automatically create and extract subcategories and multiple categories from one field.
  • Assign all posts a single date, a range of dates or a field in the CSV.
  • Create a "trickle import" by assigning a date well in to the future.
  • Specify delimiter, enclosure and escaper settings as needed (or don't!)
  • Easy for beginners to use!
  • Specify tags and custom fields from any database.
  • Import to posts or WordPress pages.
  • Fully integrated with Dr. Link!
  • Automatically process and clean up imports on the fly.
  • Remove stray HTML, whitespace and replace undesired text.
  • Easy for beginners to use!
  • 100% Free Lifetime Support!