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Add Star Ratings To Comment Forms

Allow users to easily add rate products, posts and contribute their own reviews through your comment box. When posting a comment, users will be shown an easy-to-use "star rating form" with the rating fields you have specified.

You can specify different rating sections for each post or mass-add rating categories to categories, authors or other criteria. For example, you may want to have one post (or category) that allows users to rate on "Overall," "Price" and "Support," and another category which allows users to rate on "Overall," "Power" and "Build Quality."

Use any of our 10+ included star images, or easily create your own!

...and Editor Ratings Too!

Or you can allow users to see ratings as specified by the editor. This feature can be combined with user ratings to allow a "dominant" administrator's rating, followed by a series of comments/mini-reviews by users.

Also, you can specify rating categories to be "editor's only", meaning users won't be asked to rate them: this is a great way for editor's to provide a detailed analysis, while keeping your site simple and navigable for users.

In 6.0+, editor's can also include explanations for their ratings right witin the table: a quick one line summary adds a more personal dynamic (and more trustworthiness in the rating) than a simple number of stars or letter grade rating. An easy to use feature, if you want it: its completely optional!

Stars, Letter Grades, Percentages

If 5-star ratings doesn't quite fit the content you're rating, MyReviewPlugin offers other rating types. Letter grades, percentage (out of 100), pass/fail and 10-star ratings are all available with just a click of a mouse. Plus they can all be converted back to 5-star ratings for use in average calculations and tables.

Control Post Order

By default, WordPress orders posts chronologically. If you're running a review site, you may want your posts ordered by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings (see below), popularity or our weighted smart sorting system.

Bayesian Weighting

Bayes was a great statistician, but you don't need to know anything about him: we've done all the work. Bayesian weighting is designed to prevent people from "gaming the system." A post with 1 review, 5 stars will be rated lower than a post with 5,000 reviews and 4.9 stars. Bayesian weighting calculates "rating trust" to determine how to appropriately order posts. If you want it, you've got it - and it just works, no configuration necessary!

Custom Comment Fields

Want to allow your users to submit extra information about their review? Add dates, textareas, select boxes, checkboxes, etc. to the comments area with just two clicks. Use this to allow users to specify when they first used the product their reviewing or literally any other information you wish.

Only Active When/Where You Need It

Want to have posts that have reviews and posts that don't on the same page? Absolutely no problem. Want reviews on some pages, some posts, but not all? Go for it! MyReviewPlugin can do it all. You control when, where and how it shows.

In other words, you choose where MyReviewPlugin is active. Which posts or pages it's active on, and what features users see. It is both powerful and easy.

Display Custom Information

Show and compare information such as price, technical requirements, file size, sizes, etc. in the custom data table. Better yet, easily show checkmarks and crosses to indicate features that a product does or doesn't have. Plus, easily include photographs, graphics or other media in your custom fields.

Build Beautiful Comparsion Tables

The custom information above (as well as rating categories) can be displayed within a comparison table embedded within any theme. Comparison tables can be embedded on any page[s] and can be configured in the administration area to specify which fields, which rating categories and even the overall appearance of the table. Plus, as with everything else, you can control every element of the comparison table's appearance in the administration area.

Comparison tables come in a variety of one-click themes (and are easily further customizable with CSS). Here's a sample of the themes available:

Include Horizontal and Vertical Comparison Tables

You can do both types of comparsion tables with MyReviewPlugin. One's like this (horizontal) and ones like the kind you're used to seeing on product pages like this (vertical). No other WordPress script can make vertical comparison tables!

A standard horizontal comparison table (which could be configured to show more information in the form of star ratings or custom data)...

The new vertical tables...

Automatically Include Thumbshots

If you need product images for your theme / layout and don't have any, they will automatically be filled in with Thumbshots.com data — these free screenshots make it incredibly easy to build a full website even faster than before.

"Was this review helpful to you?"

MyReviewPlugin allows your users to thumbs up/thumbs down the comments and reviews posted by your visitors - similar to the way you see on Amazon.com (see here).

Complete Google Maps Integration

If you're running a local directory or anything with a location-sensitive value, you can easily embed accurate, navigatable Google Maps from within the WordPress administration area. Automatic embedding with imported data (i.e., specify a location column from your database) or specific, post-level Google Maps integration to allow you down-to-the-letter control of what your site is displaying. Completely powerful. Completely easy.

In 6.0+, you can now display "big Google Maps" which display the reviews of multiple businesses right on a map embedded in your homepage, category pages or any other locations.

Three Six Eight Excellent Themes

MyReviewPlugin comes with three excellent themes ready out of the box for easy website development. Even better? MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible and highly customizable with every single WordPress theme available via one-click automatic embeds. Better yet, there's 3 more premium bonus themes available free of charge: complete with full theme control panels to tweak every element of the theme's design... new in 5.0 is two more excellent themes

Sidebar Widgets

Show the top rated posts or the most recently rated posts in your sidebar, along with rating information, etc. Fully confgurable, fully optional and compatible with any theme that accepts widgets (that's most!).

One-click Automatic Embedding

One of the coolest features of MyReviewPlugin is the ability to simply check a box and have any theme modified immediately to work as a review site. This has been tested extensively to ensure that it is compatible with all the themes you'll find.

The real killer feature: each of these autoembeds can be customized down to the pixel from right within your administration area — background-colors, border styles, alignment, padding, text color, for every single element with the click of a mouse. If you have a programmer, there's still a full API for them to work with, but the complete easy no-experience-required design features available to you in the administration area make the whole process accessible to anyone!

Even more powerful: automatic embedding is completely drag-and-drop. You select the widgets you would like to embed and you can simply drag them to the position you want them embedded in. The checkbox embed system (pictured above) is still available, but this new embed system is quick and easy!

Rewrite Title Tags to Contain Rating Information

Just a quick-and-easy feature: you can integrate MyReviewPlugin rating embeds directly in to your page titles, and have the rating display immediately on search engines like Google and in the browser's title bar. This is in addition to the microformats and Google Schema integration that allows you to display actual star images right in Google results.

Set Up a Full Site in One Click

Automatic installation of all the plugins you need to get your site off the ground is the most incredible thing you can imagine. Press a button and get All In One SEO to optimize your site for search engines (and quality score), caching, backups, sitemaps, Twitter integration, Google Analytics integration and social network integration all enabled for your new site.


Explanation Tooltips

Include fancy tooltips like this one (hover here) anywhere within MyReviewPlugin. Use this to easily explain rating categories, custom fields and how they're ranked/determined. Don't like the fancy tooltip? Use a simple tooltip, or customize the graphic to your liking.

Posts and Pages

Embed ratings, etc. in to posts and pages, as desired, where desired. Simple as that.

Fully SEO Friendly

Capitalize on all the SEO friendly features of WordPress. Search engines love WordPress: friendly URLs, well formatted HTML, trackbacks and powerful, complete RSS feeds. Furthermore, automatically generate hundreds and thousands of posts worth of content with Import Man, automatically install SEO-friendly toolkits like All In One SEO and Sitemap plugins with our "automatic installation" features and get more free search engine traffic than you've ever seen.

Even More SEO Friendly

This is revolutionary. A change in the way the Internet works, and its happening today. The microformats revolution is creating a truly semantic Internet: that means an Internet that is understood. Google is rewarding it today. Get your reviews listed in Google with instant hReview and RDFa Review integration: if you don't know what that means, it doesn't matter. That's the beauty of MyReviewPlugin: You'll still get the benefit of better search rankings, full Google integration for your reviews and more traffic.

Fully Compatible With Other Products

MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible with other scripts. Additionally, MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible with WP Smart Tools, WP Comparison Charts, SuperChartBoy, GravityForms, Auction2Post, RealVMS, phpBay Pro, OIO Publisher and literally thousands of other plugins.

Internationalization, internationally.

Want to run a website in a language other than English? Not a problem! The entirety of MyReviewPlugin — all the messages shown to users are internationalized with WordPress's language features and can be edited directly within the user interface (or via WordPress language files, its up to you!). MyReviewPlugin includes simple French, German, Dutch and Spanish translations for you to begin from. No matter what, translating MyReviewPlugin to the language of your choice is easy.

Bonus: Three Little Green Men

Meet Dr. Link, the Import Man and your very own Little Comment Man. These three will make you more money. They're like your own outsourced team, the Comment Man fills a brand new site with user ratings (or for a non-MyReviewPlugin site, user comments) using JetSpinner syntax (that means you can generate tens of thousands of unique comments easily).

The Import Man allows you to flood-fill a brand new website with content from a CSV ("comma-separated values," you can buy these files online for cheap) or other database. Literally you can import thousands of entries in less than 5 minutes with the Import Man.

Using Import Man you can create some of the most believable and realistic database-powered websites in seconds. Trickle-import databases so that content is consistently added until any day in the future, automatically handle categories, dates, and content.

And finally, Dr. Link allows you to one-click replace every occurrence of a keyword on your site with a link and keep your links in good health by allowing them to be changed at any time. Other products to do this go for as much as $100. You get Dr. Link for free.

Easiest to Use

Its simple. MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface. For programmers, MyRP is complete with a fully featured API and theme functions.

MyReviewPlugin also includes step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials and one-on-one personal assistance to help you build the best site you are capable of.

45-day Money Back Guarantee

The longest, most complete money back guarantee in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied with MyReviewPlugin, just toss us an e-mail within 45-days of purchase. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Lifetime Updates

MyReviewPlugin is kept up to date, compatible with new versions of WordPress, etc. You can update to the latest version free of charge at any time.

Fully Unencrypted Source Code

If you have any experience with web scripts, you’ll appreciate this one. There isn’t a line of code in MyReviewPlugin that you can’t edit. There’s no IonCube encoding, no obfuscation, it's all there, it's all documented, it is all yours. Find out why this is important.