What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management program written in PHP and MySQL. It allows users of a non-technical nature to manage websites very effectively. MyReviewPlugin integrates with WordPress to allow you to add ratings and reviews to WordPress sites.

Do you have any example sites running MyReviewPlugin?

The live demos page is full of some rudimentary examples of what you can do with MyReviewPlugin in less than 15 minutes. The testimonials page has a few users sites linked at their request. We respect our clients privacy, so we don't share their sites without their request, however, there are a number of high-profile sites running MyReviewPlugin and literally anything review-oriented that you would like to be done, can be done using MyReviewPlugin.

Can I buy a single site license and upgrade to unlimited later?

For sure! Just contact us when you're ready to upgrade. The license system charges a small ($4-5) premium to cover processing fees, but you basically just pay the difference.

Is it easy to integrate MyReviewPlugin with other themes?

Easy!? It's automatic! You just check the boxes on the autoembeds that you would like to have integrated. If you have color, padding or size issues, you can adjust those in the "Appearance Settings" afterwards. So yes, it is quite easy to integrate MyReviewPlugin with any theme you would like. There's also a fully featured API for the control freak programmers out there who want down-to-the-second control of what happens.

Furthermore, if you're using a particularly "picky" theme and need to really get down to business with the integration, I can personally help you out with it. If you have any problems at all with integration, I assure that I can provide an acceptable solution. Send me an email!

Everything is unencoded, right?

Not a line of encoded code in the whole script. We're on a bit of a crusade against encoded scripts. You will never see encoding in MyReviewPlugin.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept everything from PayPal to JCB. Diners Club, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Debit Card and even bank or wire transfer. For PayPal payments, you should use the same address for delivery as you do for PayPal. There are no fees associated with our acceptance of any payments.

What's your refund policy like?

The best. Our 45-day unconditional money back guarantee makes this a totally risk free purchase. Pick up a copy of MyReviewPlugin today at no risk for 45 days - guaranteed. If you want to claim on the refund policy (which you won't, MyReviewPlugin is great), just send an email.

How fast is MyReviewPlugin? I've used other products before and found them slow...

We benchmarked MyReviewPlugin with 100,000 posts and found it quite usable, with a 1-second load time on a small VPS. Suffice it to say, MyReviewPlugin is well-designed and developed with all the best programming standards to ensure that everything is efficient and fast. You won't have the speed problems you're used to with MyReviewPlugin.

Furthermore, in 5.0, we did a huge performance overall. You'll find now that the load increase as a result of MyReviewPlugin is almost zero on most sites. Full compatibility with caching plugins, etc. (as well as automatic installation of the most popular caching plugins) means that even when you start to hit the limits of your hosting (likely when you get to thousands of visitors a day), you'll be able to enable caching and get even more out of WordPress.

How does your update process work?

New versions of MyReviewPlugin are available for download at any time with just your license key on the download page. This is totally free and available 24/7. If you're having any trouble at all, send an email.

Will MyReviewPlugin work on my server?

It will. There are no non-standard requirements for MyReviewPlugin. If you can run WordPress, MyReviewPlugin will run no problem. If you want to confirm before ordering, however, please send an email. There's no reason to worry, and if anything comes up where you can't get it to work, you let me know, and I'll resolve your issues, guaranteed. MyReviewPlugin is all about premium support.

Is MyReviewPlugin compatible with GoDaddy? HostGator? BlueHost?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I lost my license key, how do I recover it?

Enter your information here and your license key will be emailed to you. If that's not working out for you, send me an email: support@myreviewplugin.com

I lost my download, how do I recover it?

Enter your license key here and you will be delivered the latest version of MyReviewPlugin.

How do I update to the latest version?

Enter your license key here and you will be delivered the latest version of MyReviewPlugin. Then you can just upload the files on top of the existing MyReviewPlugin files, in your wp-content/plugins directory. If that sounds confusing, don't worry, send me an email and I can update for you. After you've uploaded the new files, go to WordPress and reactivate the plugin.

Note: if you're running a version before 3.0, and would like to update to 5.0 or later, please send me an e-mail.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Click "Affiliates" at the bottom of this page.

Does MyReviewPlugin have feature X?

If any other review plugin has it, MyReviewPlugin has it. If no review plugin has it, MyReviewPlugin probably has it. Here's how feature support in MyReviewPlugin works: we've covered a huge introduction to the features on the feature tour page, but that's just the beginning. If there's a feature you want, and you don't know if MyRP can do it out of the box, email me and we can probably get it added for you in the next release.

What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

Seriously make sure you send an email. If you're thinking it, other people probably are too! Ask! We won't bite.