"Dr. Link had no intent to make other $100 products unnecessary."

Dr. Link

Dr. Link is a bonus plugin included with every MyReviewPlugin license. The primary features list is available online.

Dr. Link — The WordPress Link Doctor

First of all, I'd like to apologize for all the vendors selling products that do exactly this. In developing Dr. Link, we had no intent to make your $100 products unnecessary. They were great products. It really is a shame that Dr. Link is a free part of MyReviewPlugin, at least for you.

That said, for the customers of MyReviewPlugin, Dr. Link is a godsend.

Keyword Replacement

Dr. Link can convert keywords to affiliate links in seconds. Specify a keyword and a URL to convert it to, and every occurrence of that keyword on your WordPress install will be automatically linked.

You can edit, delete or add to the list of keyword replacements at any time without breaking anything. Your old posts/pages/WordPress content will be updated automatically.

Create Professional Redirect Links

Use professional looking redirect links that let your prospective customers know you are a completely professional marketer.

Cloak Links Within WordPress

Automatically use a double meta refresh to cloak your links traffic source from affiliate networks. Read about double meta refreshes.

Easy Affiliate Link Management

If your affiliate offer goes offline, stops converting or otherwise changes, easily and instantly substitute a new offer.