"MyReviewPlugin is making me cash - lots of it."

Live Demos

Security Product Reviews

Using the included "Smooth" bonus theme, this site shows off both the new theme, and a very simple implementation of the vertical comparison tables (click "Comparisons" at the top) demoing the top two products. It also shows off things like user ratings and editor's ratings, post order by a weighted algorithm, and custom data/simple visit links.

'Mypinions' Portal

Using another of the included themes - "Smileth" - this shows how MyReviewPlugin could be used to run a large generic product reviews type site, and how it could easily profit via affiliate links.

Registry Cleaner Reviews

This MyReviewPlugin-powered site uses the free "Blix" theme with no customizations, an integrated comparison table sorted by editor's ratings and editor's ratings tables embedded in to the individual review pages. Users are free to rate products in their comments as well. This is just one example of all the great things you can do with MyReviewPlugin with no programming!

Web Hosting Reviews

This one uses our built in "orange" theme to demonstrate the power of user-submitted reviews. So far, the reviews are mostly automatically generated with CommentMan. As you can see, the CommentMan reviews include ratings, look believable and can be customized to say anything you like. There's no editor ratings here (although, there could be if you wanted!)!

Dallas Chinese Food Directory

This site uses a database imported via ImportMan's awesome one-click importer to generate a complete index of all 600 Chinese Food restaurants in Dallas. It uses the default WP theme to demonstrate how theme-flexible MyReviewPlugin is. Local niche directories are a popular and profitable business strategy.

Cell Phone Review Site

Another database powered site, this uses the included "black" MyReviewPlugin theme to demonstrate the power of ImportMan. From a freely available database, combined with CommentMan to generate user reviews this site has 90 complete cell phone reviews which were automatically posted a few a day for a month (and designed to look like they were trickled in over 3 months)

Video Camera Review Site

One of the first demonstrations ever: also database-powered, contains both user and editor's ratings per-post and follows more of a traditional "blog" style, using the old school classic WordPress theme. As with all the other demos, all this integration and customization was done without touching a line of code in less than 15 minutes.

MyReviewPlugin is easy to use, building all these sites took less than 1 hour (less than 15 minutes each) — all of which are more than capable of being developed in to full, successful and profitable marketing sites. In setting up each of these demo sites not a single line of code (HTML, PHP, CSS or Javascript) was written! Everything was done from within the administration area. And this barely scratches the surface, to explore MyReviewPlugin more, check out the video walkthrough of the administration area below.

Video Demonstration (admin. area)

This video browses the administration area, filling in some example data and displaying how the script works. The features tour describes these features in detail.

Easiest to Use

Its simple. MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface. For programmers, MyRP is complete with a fully featured API and theme functions.

MyReviewPlugin also includes step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials and one-on-one personal assistance to help you build the best site you are capable of.

45-day Money Back Guarantee

The longest, most complete money back guarantee in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied with MyReviewPlugin, just toss us an e-mail within 45-days of purchase. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Lifetime Updates

MyReviewPlugin is kept up to date, compatible with new versions of WordPress, etc. You can update to the latest version free of charge at any time.

Fully Unencrypted Source Code

If you have any experience with web scripts, you’ll appreciate this one. There isn’t a line of code in MyReviewPlugin that you can’t edit. There’s no IonCube encoding, no obfuscation, it's all there, it's all documented, it is all yours. Find out why this is important.