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The Little Comment Man

The little Comment Man is a bonus plugin included with every MyReviewPlugin license. The primary features list is available online.

The Little Comment Man - WordPress Comment Generator

Two of the 'other guy' review products offer scripts to automatically generate comments. Unfortunately for them, we've kicked their ***. The little Comment Man can create comments using the JetSpinner syntax (?), simple rotation and tokenized variable replacement — this is all simple, takes 2 minutes to learn and allows you to generate thousands of unique, realistic comments in seconds.

Generate 1,000s of Comments Fast

Flood fill your brand new website with literally thousands of relevant, unique and coherent comments in just minutes. Specify criteria, spin-text and rotations to ensure that everytihng makes sense, looks genuine and most of all is convincing. In tests, Comment Man generated over 5,000 comments per minute on a 2.5 GHz Core Duo with 2GB of RAM.

Criteria for Complex Jobs

Want to only add comments to posts in certain categories? Posts with fewer than a certain nunmber of existing comments? Posts written by certain authors? Any criteria you want can be used to specify what posts get comments generated. And of course, you can generate as many or as few comments as you like.

Generate Ratings

The Comment Man can be used on websites that don't run MyReviewPlugin - but for those that do, generate star ratings for each field (and randomly leave some unrated, if you wish for that extra realism).

  • Generate an infinite number of coherent, believable comments.
  • Generate comments at a rate of up to 5,000 per minute.
  • Generate user ratings (full MyRP integration).
  • Leave user ratings blank a given frequency (more believable).
  • Generate from an unlimited number of templates.
  • Use the JetSpinner ad-lib syntax to generate comments.
  • Select from a database of over 50,000 names.
  • Limit the names to only popular names.
  • Specify detailed criteria (category, tags, authors, dates, etc.) to add comments to.
  • Generate as many comments per post as you wish.
  • Specify intelligent comment timestamps (random between two dates)
  • Generate a random number of comments per post.
  • Generate names weighted to realistic names: never again will Odessa be as common as Bob
  • Use included per-decade name lists to target your names to the right generation.
  • Easy for beginners to use!
  • 100% Free Lifetime Support!