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You may sign up for our affiliate program.

You sell... You earn per sale (unlim. license)
1 copy $45
16 copies $52
51 copies $58

After registering as an affiliate, please send an email to support@myreviewplugin.com explaining how you intend to promote MyReviewPlugin. You don't need to give specifics, we just want to know what's going on.

Read this. If you need it, we can even host your affiliate website for you, create exclusive coupons, co-branded landing pages, etc.! Just email support@myreviewplugin.com. Commission defaults to 1% to prevent affiliate fraud, but as soon as you get in touch with someone at MyReviewPlugin to begin discussing your promotion efforts, when approved, your commission is increased to the standard base rate. Please note, we do not accept coupon sites or script indexes. All applications will be reviewed by our affiliate manager.