MyReviewPlugin 6: Now Available. New features include rating explanations, admin area language customization, big Google Maps displaying reviews for all businesses in an area, and so much more. Even better, for a limited time MyReviewPlugin includes, free of charge, a lifetime license for SuperChartBoy: the new standard in WordPress comparsion charts.
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"If you don't buy MyReviewPlugin, you're selling yourself short. I've tried it all."

— Akash G. (see more testimonials, they're worth reading!)

No Technical Skill Necessary

By design, MyReviewPlugin is made for the least technical of the bunch. One-click theme integration that actually works makes building review sites easy as pie. Best-quality documentation and support complements the ease-of-use.

Additionally, Simple Mode radically simplifies the settings page and creates a set of step-by-step tutorials right within the user interface, allowing you to set up dozens of different sites easily, with no experience.

Build Review Sites in Minutes

For the most serious web developer, getting sites online fast is what matters most. One-click installation, one-click integration and one-click set up. Bulk modification and import interfaces make even the most advanced tasks speedy.

Turn Ideas in to Commissions

Before making a purchase, the last thing a consumer does online is look for reviews. According to many market research firms, over 70% of users run a search for reviews on prospective products before buying. He-who-runs the review site earns the commission on that sale.

100% Unencoded

Encoded scripts are slow. Encoded scripts cannot be fixed when they break. Encoded scripts invade your privacy and call-home with your URLs. The other guys use encoded scripts. MyReviewPlugin does not.

Success Story: Peter Wahlberg

Peter Wahlberg is an affiliate marketer involved in "anything that is profitable." He does diet, business opportunity, and hard product sales with a focus on holiday-period marketing and long-term SEO projects. He was a beta tester of MyReviewPlugin and helped get many of the early pains worked out while adapting MyReviewPlugin to grow his business positively.

Pete’s story tells the story of an niche affiliate marketer adopting MyReviewPlugin to build his business. Click here to browse all the MyReviewPlugin stories.

"The amount of [features] surpass [the competition] and the integration part is downright awesome."